We have had two bots so far this season, “Rob Ott” who we used for the first three competitions, and “Sebastian Ott”, the new and improved bot which we designed for qualifiers and will be using at state.

Rob Ott

The OG bot from this season, we built Rob from the chassis of our bot from 2 years ago. The main reason we reused this chassis, was to take advantage of the benefits of being very small and maneuverable. He was awesome this season, and was able to do quite a bit. The arm in the center, is able to lift elements as high as just barely being able to cap. He is also able to spin the duck carousel.

Sebastian Ott

The new and improved bot from this season, who is very similar to his brother Rob, but with a different arm approach, which allows us to rotate the arm fully 180 degrees and allows us to pick up elements much more efficiently.

see our booth for more info 😀